About Us

Though there were murmurings that she was quietly secreted out of New York due to an international incident involving a certain ambassador at the United Nations, in truth, Lulu had simply run out of closet space. With her magpie-eye for anything shiny, cool, or that tickled her funny bone, Lulu had amassed trunk-loads of goodies from around the world. 


So in 2000, Lulu decided to kick off the millennium with a whole new adventure- and a dream come true- the opportunity to "play store" on a daily basis. Now she shops for a living and shares her finds with you. She knows exactly where to find the perfect hostess gift to get you a return invitation, the ideal present for that most persnickety person on your list, and that little something special to turn an outfit from dowdy to divine!


Since opening Lulu Burgess, the proprietress Nan Burgess Brown Sutton has changed her address, her hair-color, and her last name! She's made new friends and reconnected with old ones and she's had a helluva good time along the way. Stop by Lulu's either online or in downtown Beaufort, SC and find out why!


               Lulu, Mr. Lulu, Lulu Belle, and all of her Luluettes!